The Butler Comprehensive Plan

After months of research and discussion with the employees of the City of Butler, we are ready to start the Butler Comprehensive Plan process. The originally comprehensive plan was written in the 1970’s, so it is about time that we do this update! Below is the a timeline that I have put together and has been approved by the Butler City Council.
As you can see, the approach we will be taking is pretty general with no firm guidelines. The reason for this is because I really want this whole process to be community involved and so if we decide we want to change any part of it I want to be able to do so easily.

To prepare for the comprehensive plan, what we first will be doing is creating a Vision Committee. A few years ago, Butler took the time to have the Butler Vision made and a committee was created for that. I really want to start where they left off and the Vision Committee is the way to do that. This committee will be comprised of people the previously were part of the Butler Vision and people who are interested in the future of Butler. The point of the Vision Committee is to organize the community meetings and go through all of the information once the meetings are finished.

Once we have everything organized there will be three different Community Series between now and the early 2015. The Community Series will go as followed:

Community Series #1: The community meetings in this series will be very broad and we will be determining what the community believes that the City of Butler needs in order to grow in the future. Some of the activities we will be doing will be a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (SWOT) Analysis, then determining where Butler should be in 2035. The Vision Committee will be taking all of this information to craft a vision statement and identify themes based on the input.

Community Series #2: The community meetings in this series will have 2 purposes, to get public input on the Vision statement that the committee created and to create maps on where the people believe butler should grow. Like the first series, once this is complete the Vision Committee will get together to determine scenarios for growth based on the information from the community meeting.

Community Series #3: In the final set of communities meeting we will be using the scenarios that the Vision Committee created to come up with the best possible outcome for the City of Butler. The public will have the opportunity to pick a favorite, mix-and-match some different scenarios, and critique them so that when the Vision Committee meets again we should have everything narrowed down to one scenario.

As you can see through the 3 Community Series, we will start very broad and by the end get down to what the citizens of Butler believe the city needs to thrive and grow in the next 20 years. Once the Vision Committee believes that they have all the information that is needed, they will then be creating chapters for the comp plan and setting goals and objectives. From there I will be spending anywhere from 3-6 months writing and editing the plan with various people.

One of the main concerns that people have with comprehensive plans is that once it is finished it will just sit on the shelf and collect dust. As part of this comprehensive plan, there will be a specific chapter on implementation to make sure that every 5 years the plan goes under review so that Butler is keeping with its goals and objectives. Plus each concept will have its own separate scope to address a 5, 10, 15, and 20 year plan for implementation. My goal for this plan is that it is very active and it will be a map for Butler’s future.

The comprehensive plan process is very intense and takes a lot of effort from a lot of different people. I really hope that we can get as many people involved as possible, because the more the better! If you are interested in taking the time to be on our Vision Committee or if you want to come to community meetings, please contact me. In the next month we will really be brainstorming how to get the information out to the public, so any suggestions you might have would be helpful. I am really looking forward to doing the Butler Comprehensive Plan and I cannot wait to see the outcome a year from now!!


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