Bates County In The Semifinals for GUEP!!


Bates County has been selected to advance to the Semifinal round of the Georgetown University Energy Prize, a national competition that challenges us, along with other small- and medium-sized communities to develop and implement creative, sustainable, and replicable strategies to save energy.

Our commitment to energy efficiency in rural America has put us in the running against leading small- and medium-sized communities across the county.

Bates County will work together over the next two years with the County, the cities of Adrian, Butler, and Rich Hill, Kansas City Power and Light, Osage Valley Electric Cooperative, MCPower Companies, Roof Power Solar, residents, energy efficiency experts, and others to implement our energy-saving plan that will not only deliver financial benefits to residents, but will also help ensure the long-term sustainability of our community. Most importantly, we will develop new approaches that other communities can replicate—so that we can all do our part to secure our nation’s energy future.

In competing for the Georgetown University Energy Prize, Bates County intends to focus on three main areas of improvements:

  • Energy improvements to the home.
  • Making improvements to city facilities so that it can save on energy and money.
  • Making energy updates in all the local school districts and educating the students in the process.

Stay tuned for more details on the Prize, Bates County’s energy-saving plan, and to learn how you can support our efforts. In the meantime, please stay connected with us through the Bates County Economic Development Facebook Page and Twitter profile @BatesCountyGUEP.

We are excited to get underway in the competition and we look forward to elevating Bates County as a national leader of energy efficiency efforts in America.


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