Bates County Economic Development Office’s Business Retention & Expansion Survey–please print, fill out and mail back to us at: 13 W Dakota, PO BOX 486, Butler, MO 64730 or give us a call at: 660-227-3506


Bates County Economic Development Office Business Health Assessment for Retention and Expansion Survey





This section will provide BCED with basic demographic information about your company as well as the person you would like to serve as the primary point of contact should you choose to receive further assistance.



  1. Main Point of Contact for BRE Purposes







Address 2






ZIP/Postal Code Email Address Phone Number

  1. Please provide the name and email of anyone else in your company you would like to make a point of



This section will help BCED keep a pulse on the workforce needs of the region.

  1. How many employees do you have locally in Bates and surrounding Counties?

Total number of employees in Bates (or surrounding) County (Please indicate the county and # of employees).


How many are full time?


How many are part time?


How many are temporary or contract employees?

  1. What is the total number of employees worldwide for your company including Bates and surrounding Counties?


This data will help BCED determine the types of industry that are present in our region.

  1. Please provide your company’s six digit NAICS You can look up your NAICS code here.


*6. Which of the following best describes the primary industry of your organization?






Other (please specify)

  1. Is your organization public or private?







  1. Please provide a brief description of your company and the services or products its Think of this as your elevator pitch.
  2. Which functions are performed at your Bates County or surrounding location?



  1. Please list any other locations where your company has a physicial Please include City, State and Country if outside the United States as well as the function performed at the location. (Corporate Headquarters, Manufacturing, Research and Development, Back Office, Warehousing, Distribution, etc.)







Function performed


Not Applicable

  1. Do any other locations perform similar functions as your Bates or surrounding County location? If so please provide the City, State and Country if outside the United






Not Applicable




  1. In which market do you currently do the most business?

Local Regional National Worldwide

  1. If worldwide, please list the top three countries where you do the most business.




  1. Which market are you targeting for growth?

Local Regional National Worldwide

  1. If worldwide, which three countries are your main target?





  1. Do you currently export, import, both or none?

Export only Import only Export and Import






  1. If you currently export, have exports increased, decreased, or remained the same over the past year?

Increased Decreased Same

Not Applicable

  1. Who are your top 3 competitors?





  1. What was your company’s sales volume for the past calendar year?


  1. What is your projected annual sales growth for the next calendar year?



1% to 9%


10% to 24%


25% to 49%




Greater than 100%


  1. What is the current square footage of your facility?





Other (Please Specify)


Research and Development





  1. How would you rate the current condition of your facility?

Poor Fair Good


  1. Does the current condition of your facility meet your needs for the next year?





  1. Is your facility owned or leased?
Expansion Plans

Owned Leased


  1. Do you plan to expand in the next three years?

Yes No



  1. Who is the landlord?


  1. On what date does your lease expire?


  1. Do you plan to renew your lease?
Expansion Needs

Yes No


  1. Is there room for expansion at your current site?





  1. Do you hold right of first refusal on any additional space at your facility?

Right on the full space? Right on partial space?

No right, and must utilize existing space.

  1. What is your desired square footage?











Research and Development

  1. What will be your total projected investment in expansion?


  1. How many employees will you add as a part of your expansion?


  1. When is the expected completion date of your expansion?

Under 1 year



1-3 years



Over 3 years


  1. How would you rate the following business factors in the Greater Bates County region?

Excellent                                                                 Good                                                                                    Fair


Passenger Air Service                              Passenger Air Service Excellent                     Passenger Air Service Good                                                                          Passenger Air Service Fair                               Passe



Freight Air Service                                    Freight Air Service Excellent                          Freight Air Service Good                                                                          Freight Air Service Fair                                     Freig



Appropriate Space Availability            Appropriate Space

Appropriate Space

Appropriate Space



Availability Excellent

Availability Good

Availability Fair





Business Environment                            Business Environment Excellent                   Business Environment Good                                                                          Business Environment Fair                             Busin



Cost of Living                                               Cost of Living Excellent                                     Cost of Living Good                                      Cost of Living Fair                                               Cost o



Financing                                                        Financing Excellent                                            Financing Good                                                                          Financing Fair                                                       Finan


Legislation (federal)                                 Legislation (federal) Excellent                       Legislation (federal) Good                                                                          Legislation (federal) Fair                                  Legisl



Legislation (state)                                     Legislation (state) Excellent                            Legislation (state) Good                                                                          Legislation (state) Fair                                      Legisl


Legislation (local)                                      Legislation (local) Excellent                            Legislation (local) Good                                                                          Legislation (local) Fair                                       Legisl



Local Customer Base                                Local Customer Base Excellent                      Local Customer Base Good                       Local Customer Base Fair                                  Local



Permitting Process                                    Permitting Process Excellent                          Permitting Process Good                                                                          Permitting Process Fair                                    Perm Quality of Place                                                                          Quality of Place Excellent                                 Quality of Place Good                                                                          Quality of Place Fair                                            Quali

Roads                                                              Roads Excellent                                                    Roads Good                                                                          Roads Fair                                                              Road






Talent/Acquisition/Availability Excellent Talent/Acquisition/Availability Good Talent/Acquisition/Availability Fair Talent/Ac




Traffic                                                             Traffic Excellent                                                   Traffic Good                                                                          Traffic Fair                                                              Traffi



Utility Availability (internet/telecom/fiber)

Utility Availability (internet/telecom/fiber) Excellent

Utility Availability (internet/telecom/fiber) Good

Utility Availability (internet/telecom/fiber) Fair

Utility (internet/



Utility Availability (power)                    Utility Availability (power) Excellent          Utility Availability (power) Good          Utility Availability (power) Fair                        Utility




Utility Availability (water)                     Utility Availability (water) Excellent           Utility Availability (water) Good           Utility Availability (water) Fair                         Utility




Utility Cost

Utility Cost

Utility Cost

Utility Cost




(internet/telecom/fiber) Excellent

(internet/telecom/fiber) Good

(internet/telecom/fiber) Fair





Utility Cost (power)                                  Utility Cost (power) Excellent                         Utility Cost (power) Good                         Utility Cost (power) Fair                                       Utility



Utility Cost (water)                                   Utility Cost (water) Excellent                          Utility Cost (water) Good                          Utility Cost (water) Fair                                        Utility




Zoning/Development Services             Zoning/Development

Services Excellent

Zoning/Development Services Good

Zoning/Develoment Services Fair

Zonin Services P



Other (please specify)

  1. Would you like to involve your company in addressing these business issues in the Greater Bates County region?





  1. If yes, who in your company should be the point of contact?


  1. Rate the workforce in the Greater Bates County Region?



Excellent                                         Good                                          Fair                                         Poor                                                            Very Poor



Stability of workforce (Are you able to keep employees you hire?)


Stability of workforce (Are you able to keep employees you

hire?) Excellent


Stability of workforce (Are you able to keep employees you hire?) Good


Stability of workforce (Are you able to keep employees you hire?) Fair


Stability of workforce (Are you able to keep employees you hire?) Poor


Stability of workforce (Are you able to keep employees you hire?) Very Poor




  1. How many positions are you planning to fill in the next year?


  1. Are you currently experiencing recruitment problems?

Yes No



  1. What is the title of the position you are in the most need of filling?


  1. What is the desired level of education for the majority of your potential employees? Click all that apply.

High School/Equivalency Vocational Certificate Associates


Bachelors STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Bachelors Non STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Masters


Doctoral Professional Degree

Other (please specify)



  1. What is the desired level of experience for your potential employees?

0-2 years



2-5 years



5-10 years



Over 10 years



  1. Are there any areas of training that would be beneficial to your employees? For example soft skills, accounting, welding, or


  1. Are there any industry trends (current or upcoming) that might lead you to seek training opportunities for your team? For example, a push towards automation or the increasing need for data analysis.





  1. Are you open to receiving information on interns?





  1. If yes, who should be the point of contact for this information? Provide name and
  2. To the best of your ability please gauge the risk level for the following:

None                                         Low                                          Moderate                                           High



The closing of your facility in the Greater Bates County region


The closing of your facility in the Greater Bates County region None


The closing of your facility in the Greater Bates County region Low


The closing of your facility in the Greater Bates County region Moderate


The closing of your facility in the Greater Bates County region High



None                                         Low                                          Moderate                                           High


  1. Has there been a management change in the past two years?

Yes No



  1. Who are your top three suppliers? Please include business name and





  1. Who are your top three customers?





  1. Among the companies you do business with, suppliers or customers, are there any you think would benefit by moving to the Greater Bates County region?



  1. Would you be able to increase your import/export portion of your business with the addition of rail service? Yes ____

No ____

Does Not Apply ______

  1. What are your current electric, water and sewer/trash rates? Would you be interested in an energy audit and any tax credit or incentive information that the BCED could provide?

Electric rate __________


Water rate Sewer rate Trash rate





Internet/Fiber/Cable rate and your speed Telephone rate ________________





  1. Here’s your opportunity to have your Pretend this is an open letter to your local elected official. Please share any experience you have had, good and/or bad. Are there any rules you would like to see changed? Is there, perhaps a program you have heard about in another area you would like to see here in our region? What are your major concerns?

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